Smudge OFF spray

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Burning Sage is a great way to cleanse your space. 

Sometimes however you simply can't burn it or maybe you just don't care for the smell of burning sage.  This Liquid alternative embraces all that a sage smudge can do without the smoke or smell.  Spray it on yourself or your space.

The healing properties of the mix are also beneficial anytime you are feeling uneasy or you are in a space that you want to lighten the energy in.

Our signature blend of crystals, essential oils and botanicals to help release negative emotions & experiences  and send them packing while filling your space with a delightful peaceful blend of calming energy.

Infused with intentions of protection, release, peace

Charged Clear Quartz crystals

Botanicals: Palo Santo chips, Lavender blossoms & sage leaves

Comes in a 4 oz spray bottle.

Instructions: Shake bottle well as Focus on your intentions to release and reset as you fill your space with this light and fragrant scent!

Key Ingredients:

  • Full Moon charged spring water
  • Sage Essential Oil - To mitigate negative energies
  • Lavender Essential Oil & Lavender buds – To calm & relax the user
  • Quartz Crystals - To protect from negativity
  • Palo Santo Wood chips – For Grounding
  • Cedar
  • Fresh sage leaves
  • Charged Quartz Crystals

Product Details:
Please shake well before using. Separation is normal due to the essential oil content.

Hand made in small batches

Please shake well before use. Separation is normal due to essential oil content.


Smudge OFF spray
Smudge OFF spray