Full Moon Release-Reset Spray

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Full Moon Spray -Release - Reset

Our essential oil and crystal-infused aromatherapy spray, aids in releasing limiting beliefs or negative energies that may not be serving you in your life!

Spray it on yourself. in your space or even on your sheets for the 3 days before and after each full moon. Or use it during your favorite full moon ritual.  The healing properties of the mix are also beneficial anytime you need restful sleep, or to relax.

Instructions: Shake bottle well as Focus on your intentions to release and reset as you fill your space with this light and fragrant scent!

Our signature blend of crystals, oil and botanicals to help release negative emotions & experiences while releasing them and resetting for your highest and best good!  Handmade in small batches. 

Handmade in small batches

Key Ingredients:

  • Moon water
  • Sage Essential Oil - To mitigate negative energies
  • Lavender Essential Oil & Lavender buds – To calm & relax the user
  • Black Obsidian Crystals - To protect from negativity
  • Palo Santo Wood chips – For Grounding
  • Fresh sage leaves and lavender blossoms

Product Details:
Please shake well before using. Separation is normal due to the essential oil content.

Full Moon Release-Reset Spray
Full Moon Release-Reset Spray