Aura Imaging -Now available for you and your pet

So what is Aura Imaging? 

An Aura is an energy field that surrounds living creatures. The Aura is formed by subtle color radiances which surround the body of a human being. Some psychics are able to see the Auras of others. Each color of the Aura signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings.

Red, Indigo, Violet, Pink, Grey, Brown, Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow.

Aura photography measures readings from a hands sensor and exposes those readings as an aura. Reading these colors helps us understand what chakras might need balancing or enhancing.

The Abundant Lotus is excited to offer 3D Aura photography beginning in March 2022.  Sessions will include a photo as well as a detailed print out of your Aura.  These will be offered on Aura days and for private parties of 10 or more.


In addition we have the ability to offer Aura imaging for your 4-legged friends too!

Pricing varies - Click here for more details and scheduling.