There are 2 kind of shapes to consider.  One the natural shape a crystal grows from and the other the shape a crystal is carved into.

There are 7 Natural Crystal shapes and while there are infinite shapes a crystal can be carved into there are 7 shapes that afford the crystal a more specific "power" or "Energy".

Cube: If you need some grounding vibes in your life (don’t we all?), a cube-shaped crystal might be the perfect gemstone companion for you. Meditating with cubic crystals in your hands can help you connect to the energy of the Earth. You can also place them in each corner of a room to protect the space.

Pyramid: Crystal pyramids are said to be powerful for manifesting your desires. The shape starts with a STRONG base shape tapering upward, a solid footing for your intentions and directing those intentions upward for the universe to manifest them.

Tumble: Tumbles are the "gateway" crystal.  Small pocket sized trinkets, easy to carry or display. If you want your crystals making physical contact with you, there are necklaces that will hold them close to your heart. Not all tumbled or natural stones are tiny, while some pocket size ones are awesome, the more meat the larger the presence. 

Point:  Like the Pyramids, the points part upward, sending your intentions to the heavens for the universe to send your way.  Write down what you desire  on a piece of paper, fold it up and place your tower on top. This will direct all the energy from the intention up to the heavens.  A powerful cut to help with a precise focus on your intention.

Heart: Heart shaped crystals radiate a strong love energy. Love is not always defined as romantic love but also self love, healing love, forgiving love.  While the heart chakra has many crystals that are powerful in that realm a heart shaped crystal also helps soothe and satisfy the heart chakra.

Cluster: Clusters are multiple points all together as one.  Some clusters are naturally occurring, while others are assembled by man when they take many smaller points and adhere them to each other. As the crystal is so it radiates a sense of unity and community.  

Spheres: Spheres are also carved to achieve the perfect shape.  While points are directed somewhere the sphere sends its powerful properties out equally, filling the space with a gentle radiate energy.





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