Mercury Retrograde Mitigator

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Available in Spray or concentrated roller.

When Mercury retrograde is in motion the rest of the world can seem topsy turvey.  It can feel like nothing is getting accomplished or going your way.  Mercury Retrograde Mitigator uses the power of natural oils to help alleviate some of the helplessness and frustration brought on during this time.

This high vibrational spray help eliminate blockages & keep you calm and grounded.  This blend is meant to help encourage normalcy amidst the chaos Mercury Retrograde might be tossing around out there.

Our signature blend of crystals, essential oils and botanicals to help keep you grounded & clear to help maintain a peaceful retrograde cycle.

Infused with intentions of patience, clarity & grounding

Charged Citrine crystals to promote positive communication during this foggy time

Botanicals: Rose petals, fresh cloves

Comes in a 4 oz spray bottle.

Instructions: Shake bottle well as Focus on your intentions to remain clear & grounded during this tumultuous time with this calming fragrant scent!

Key Ingredients:

  • Full Moon charged spring water
  • Peppermint energizing
  • Myrrh enhances spiritual qualities
  • Frankincense to inspire peace
  • Ylang Ylang for relaxation & to quiet the mind
  • Lemon Grass For concentration & Mental vitality
  • Sage Essential Oil - To mitigate negative energies
  • Rose
  • Cedarwood - To promote clarity & confidence
  • Orange - for confidence
  • Fresh rose petals
  • Fresh Cloves
  • Charged Citrine Crystals

Product Details:
Please shake well before using. Separation is normal due to the essential oil content.

Hand made in small batches

Please shake well before use. Separation is normal due to essential oil content.


Mercury Retrograde Mitigator
Mercury Retrograde Mitigator
Mercury Retrograde Mitigator
Mercury Retrograde Mitigator